Valid Reasons Explaining Why a Root Canal Shouldn’t Be Feared

Valid Reasons Explaining Why a Root Canal Shouldn’t Be Feared

Jan 01, 2020

Do root canals hurt? This is the first question in the mind of every individual that has been recommended root canal treatment. This is because many myths surround the treatment making people believe it is painful and shouldn’t be had. Contrary to the myths surrounding the treatment we are attempting to show you why the treatment should be had rather than avoided. Let us look at some of the reasons why you shouldn’t fear root canal treatment.

The Procedure Is Pretty Straightforward

The Root canal dentist will administer a local anesthetic to your mouth before placing a rubber dam to keep your tooth dry and clean during the procedure. A tiny hole will be drilled through the tooth affected to access the infected pulp at the center of the tooth. You shouldn’t be feeling anything after being administered the anesthetic. The bacteria-laden oral fluids and the diseased pulp will be sucked out by a tiny suction tool similar to a vacuum cleaner picking up dust.

After the infected pulp is removed your dentist will replace it with a rubber-like material known as gutta-percha to fortify the tooth and prevent the bacteria from entering it. A permanent solution like a crown or a filling will replace the gutta-percha later on.

A Root Canal Is Unlikely to Hurt

Answering the question asked at the beginning the myth about root canals is just a myth because most patients undergoing the treatment not likely to say the procedure was painless than the patients that avoid it. This is mainly because present-day anesthetics are good and will physically cause just as much discomfort as having a simple filling.

You will experience some discomfort as the anesthesia wears off but the discomfort should subside within a few weeks. Over-the-counter pain relievers can relieve the pain you may experience.

Root Canal Procedures Will Take a Long Time

Your grandparents may provide information that it will take a long time for the procedure to be completed and some may do to validate their claims. However, most procedures are completed within two hours which can seem like a long time if you are accustomed to cleaning and exams. Many procedures can even be completed in a single appointment but you will still need to return for a second appointment for a filling or crown. During your initial consultation, your dentist will be able to provide you the time you are likely to spend in the dentist’s chair.

The Root Canal Specialist Will Work with You to Assuage Your Fears

Fearing a root canal is normal and can cause anxiety in your mind. However, if you express your thoughts to the root canal specialist without embarrassment he or she will be careful throughout the procedure to ensure you are comfortable. Honest communication with the dentist will prove helpful for you to overcome the fear of a root canal.

Root Canals Don’t Have To Be Expensive

Are you fearing a root canal because you believe a hefty bill will be thrust in your hands after the procedure? Even if you are referred to an endodontist near you for the procedure you can rest assured it is not as expensive as tooth extraction or replacement. If you plan the Root canal ahead of time you can reduce the cost of the treatment by joining a discount dental plan. You will be eligible to save money immediately after receiving your card because no waiting period is needed. The average cost of a root canal is approximately $ 700 in the United States.

The Effectiveness of Root Canals Cannot Be Disputed

The worry of root canal failure is a problem that haunts many people. However present-day dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last 50 years and now endodontist specialists are increasingly performing root canal treatments than root canal dentists. These specialists have received additional training for treating problems inside the tooth and the lifetime success rates of the procedures performed by them are over 85 percent. This does not indicate you will not have any problems in the future but the likelihood of the same has diminished.

If your dentist has advised that you need a root canal just take a deep breath without fearing the procedure. It is relatively painless than the pain you are suffering even as the dentist recommends the procedure for you.

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