The Benefits and Risks of Teeth Whitening

The Benefits and Risks of Teeth Whitening

Jun 16, 2019

Everybody wants to have a beautiful smile, but teeth get yellowish as time passes even though you are cleaning your teeth every day. Now teeth whitening is one of the options, but the problem with this is that some risks are associated with it which you might not be able to avoid. So now, what you will do or not do?

To answer the above question, first you should know what happens in the procedure of teeth whitening?


In the teeth whitening process, the dentist first of all cleans the teeth area then dentist puts a protector. Protector could be in the form of plastic or s/he could use some wax which helps in protecting the gum area. Once the gum is completely protected, the dentist applies the bleaching liquid and uses a laser light, so that the oxidation process starts taking place. Once your teeth gain optimum whitening, then dentist cleans up the liquid from your teeth.

Benefits of teeth whitening

There are several benefits of teeth whitening, not just in the personal life but also in the professional one. Some of the benefits are

  • Teeth whitening helps you to become more confident while talking
  • It can be seen that people gain more business deals after teeth whitening
  • Now you would have one of the biggest social groups in the society
  • Dental teeth whitening provides you with instant results. The whole process takes somewhere around 60 to 90 minutes
  • Teeth whitening would last for a longer period of time if one can take care of it properly

Risks of teeth whitening

Talking about the risks related to the teeth whitening process- there are a few, but you cannot ignore them such as

  • You can have an encounter with problems like sensitivity or gum irritation to the teeth, but this happens only for a temporary period
  • You might also listen about dental damages or enamel erosion, but this is not the case with a professional one; instead, this is related to the drug store products that you use on your own

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