Tooth Extractions

Dental Extractions in Thornhill, Vaughan, ON

Learn More About Dental Extraction Procedures at Thornhill Square Dentistry

There are two types of dental extractions performed at Thornhill Square Dentistry in Thornhill simple extractions and surgical extractions. If you’re wondering what the difference is between the two, a simple extraction is exactly as the name implies, which means there is typically no surgery involved; whereas a surgical extraction is also as its name implies and does require surgery.

Some Common Reasons for Simple Tooth Extractions

Below are some of the most common reasons for a simple tooth extraction:

  • A large cavity that cannot be repaired using other procedures
  • A broken tooth that can not be repaired using other procedures
  • A condition of advanced gum disease that is causes the bone that holds the tooth to become weak
  • An impacted or infected tooth that cannot be treated or repaired using other procedures

As you can notice, there may be occasions when procedures other than removal might be considered. However, the only way to fully determine whether a tooth can be saved versus being removed is through a dental exam. Our office has convenient hours available to accommodate almost any schedule. Make your appointment today to learn whether you need dental extractions in Thornhill or if alternative treatment might be available from Thornhill Square Dentistry.

The Recovery Period for a Simple Dental Extraction in Thornhill, ON

The typical recovery period for a simple tooth extraction performed by Thornhill Square Dentistry is relatively brief – usually no more than about 48 hours. Any associated pain from the extraction process can most often be managed by eating only soft foods and taking an over the counter pain remedy. Patients should also avoid excessive physical activity and aggressively brushing or flossing their teeth for several days after the tooth extraction procedure.

Surgical Extractions Are a More Complex Procedure

Because surgical tooth extractions are more complex in nature, the recovery period is also a little more involved than that of a simple extraction. The most common surgical extraction procedure is the removal of wisdom teeth. But rather than worry about the complexities of the procedure, contact our office to learn about anxiety-free options such as sedation dentistry in Thornhill.

Surgical Tooth Extraction Thornhill

Does your affected tooth suffer from severe damage? Is your tooth not properly erupted or not completely visible? In these situations, a Thornhill surgical tooth extraction may be required. During a surgical tooth extraction, an incision will be made in order to properly access the affected tooth. Depending upon the state of the tooth, it may also need to be broken into smaller pieces to be completely removed.

Thornhill Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are a common reason teeth have to be extracted. Not sure if Wisdom tooth extraction in Thornhill is right for you? Schedule a consultation, we’d be happy to let you know.

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