Tooth Extractions For Kids

Tooth Extractions For Kids in Thornhill, Vaughan, ON

Tooth Extractions Thornhill

Has your child been diagnosed a decayed, infected or even damaged tooth? At Thornhill Square Dentistry, our goal is to protect and preserve our patients’ smiles, however, in certain situations, a tooth extraction may be the best option for the patient, their smile and their overall oral health. Not quite sure if a tooth extraction in Thornhill is the best option for little one? Schedule a consultation with Thornhill Square Dentistry, we would be happy to evaluate your child’s affected tooth and overall oral health to determine if a tooth extraction is the right dental option for their smile.

Thornhill Simple Tooth Extraction

Has your child’s affected tooth fully erupted? Is their tooth free from damage and completely visible? In this situation, a simple tooth extraction in Thornhill may be recommended. During a simple tooth extraction, an elevator is used to gently loosen the affected tooth. Next, forceps are used to completely remove the tooth.

Schedule Thornhill Tooth Extractions Today

Think that your child may need a tooth extraction in Thornhill? Contact Pediatric Dentist in Thornhill Square Dentistry today to schedule your appointment. We would be happy to help!

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