Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment in Thornhill, Vaughan, ON

At Thornhill Square Dentistry in Thornhill, we know you’re probably concerned about the prospect of having a root canal, but there’s no need to be afraid. A root canal is a dental operation that prevents tooth loss. A root canal is the procedure of choice after an infection has formed in pulp of the tooth. The infection will enter the tooth's roots, cause an abscess and can spread to the jawbone. Long before the nerve roots get infected, pus accumulates in the pulp chamber causing severe pain. Extracting the tooth will end the pain and infection and is sometimes required because rapidly spreading Infection of the jawbone or other teeth is something we want to avoid.

A root canal allows you to keep your natural tooth. The bony roots of the tooth cause blood flow to the gums and bone around that tooth. Without those roots, blood flow diminished significantly, which leads to bone erosion.

The Root Canal Process at Thornhill Square Dentistry in Thornhill

We want to help you keep your natural teeth. A root canal in Thornhill, ON will eliminate the infection, allow you to keep your natural tooth, and immediately alleviate pain from the abscess.

A root canal treatment prevents tooth loss, prevents the infection from spreading, and eliminates pain., preserves the tooth and relieves pain. It involves drilling out the infected pulp chamber, removing the infected pulp material and nerve, cleaning and disinfecting the root chamber, and resealing the tooth. you should not be afraid of root canal treatment learn more about Valid Reasons Explaining Why a Root Canal Shouldn’t Be Feared.

Here are the procedure and process:

  • Your preferred means of sedation will be administered. Regardless of sedation, your dentist or Endodontist in Thornhill, ON at Thornhill Square Dentistry will still inject a local numbing agent into the tooth and surrounding tissues.
  • Your dentist uses a drill to remove all the decayed material, pus, and infection.
  • The tooth’s nerve is painlessly removed.
  • The narrow, tiny passages chambers of the removed nerves are cleaned out and thoroughly disinfected.
  • A substance called gutta percha is used to pack the empty root canals and empty pulp chamber.
  • After all openings in the tooth are filled, a temporary crown is fitted.
  • A permanent crown will be fitted onto your tooth after a week or so of healing up. Teeth that have been repaired by a Root Canal Treatment or Endodontic Therapy need the extra reinforcement a crown delivers.

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