Pulpotomy in Thornhill, Vaughan, ON

Has your child been diagnosed with a severely decayed, damaged or even infected tooth? Has your little one been complaining of a toothache or sensitivity of a specific tooth? Your child may be suffering from a compromised tooth pulp! Thornhill Square Dentistry is a Kids dentistry we are proud to offer pulpotomy treatment for our patients that are experiencing a compromised tooth pulp and are interested in preserving and protecting their affected tooth. Not sure if your child is a candidate for a pulpotomy in Thornhill? Feel free to schedule an appointment with us. We would be happy to evaluate their affected tooth to determine the best treatment option possible.

Why Pulpotomy Treatment?

When a tooth root/pulp becomes decayed, damaged or even infected, it can actually advance into a much more serious problem, resulting in serious infection, damage to adjacent teeth and even tooth loss. A pulpotomy can help reduce the risk of these complications by removing the problem area of the pulp and ensuring the rest is healthy.

About Thornhill Pulpotomy Treatment

A pulpotomy is a dental procedure that is used to try to save a badly decayed, infected or even damaged tooth that has affected the pulp. Pulpotomies are also often referred to as a “baby root canal” due to the fact it is more commonly performed on baby teeth, especially the molars.

During treatment, your child’s dentist in Thornhill will carefully remove any of the affected pulp, sanitize and clean the rest of the area and then seal the tooth.

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