Night Guards

Night Guards in Thornhill, Vaughan, ON

When it comes to teeth, one of the biggest problems many individuals have is grinding their teeth. This problem tends to happen at night. When people grind their teeth, there are a ton of problems that can happen including cavities and degradation of enamel.

How do Night Guards Work?

The night guard is very simple – you simply insert it into your mouth and it prevents your teeth from grinding against each other. Teeth grinding leads to many different problems, including sleep disruption, but a night guard resolves this issue. Initially, there may be some discomfort as it is a foreign object in your mouth; however, with time you won’t notice it! To protect your teeth from bruxism a Mouth guard for sleeping is very useful device.

What are Problems with Grinding Teeth?

Teeth grinding wears down the surface of the tooth causing the protective enamel to degrade. When enamel degrades, then decay can occur because there is nothing protecting the tooth from the harmful effects of food debris and bacteria.

The other problem associated with teeth grinding is TMD, also known as jaw pain. This is because the muscles of the jaw are overworked. During tooth grinding, the jaw moves side to side in an unnatural motion, causing muscle fatigue.

Getting fitted for night guards at Thornhill Square Dentistry is easy. Come down to the office, and we will check your teethfor signs of grinding. If a night guard is indeed the right fit, we will get you fitted so that you can get a goodnight sleep.

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