Icon For Kids

Icon For Kids in Thornhill, Vaughan, ON

Until now, dental professionals have only had two choices in the treatment of caries: use fluoride and other treatments to remineralize enamel in the very early stages, or simply wait until it’s time to “drill and fill”. Icon represents an entirely new, revolutionary approach to treatment of early caries – a caries infiltrant. This breakthrough micro-invasive technology fills and reinforces demineralized enamel without drilling or anesthesia. It cosmetically removes white spot lesions in just one visit! Icon is an excellent option to treat white spots after orthodontic treatment. This provides a highly aesthetic alternative to micro-abrasion and restorative treatments of cariogenic white spots – all in one simple treatment, with no drilling! At Thornhill Square Dentistry is a Children's Dentistry we use Dental Icon for Kids for early caries and treating white spot lesions after orthodontic treatment, without any drilling.

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