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Children's Dental Exams in Thornhill, Vaughan, ON

If your child was suffering from a cavity, would you be able to diagnose it properly? Many parents can’t either! At Thornhill Square Dentistry we are proud to offer a range of preventive, dental care services including our complete children's dental exams in Thornhill, ON. We believe that prevention is an essential part of providing our patients with the best dental care possible, we recommend routine dental examinations at least twice a year for all patients. If your child experiences chronic cavities, infection or any other complications, more frequent examinations may be recommended. Interested in scheduling children's dental exams in Thornhill, ON? Contact Thornhill Square Dentistry today. We would be happy to fit your little one onto our schedule for an appointment.

About Dental Exams

In the event our dental team notices anything worrisome during your child’s dental examination, a treatment plan will be created to address the issue quickly. We will also explain our findings, potential treatment outcomes and what may happen if you avoid treating the issue. Contact us today for your child’s appointment.

Why Dental Exams?

Complete dental examinations are an excellent tool for reducing the risk of dental complications such as tooth decay, cavity formation, oral infections, and even periodontal gum disease.

How Often Should My Child Receive a Dental Exam?

Kids Dentistry in Thornhill Square we recommend complete dental examinations at least every 6 months. If you think your child may be experiencing an issue, scheduling a dental examination sooner is recommended.

Schedule a Dental Exam in Thornhill, ON Today

Interested in scheduling a dental examination in Thornhill? Contact Thornhill Square Dentistry today, we are always welcoming new smiles into our practice and would be happy to provide the preventive dental care your child deserves.

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