Night Guards Can Help You If You Suffer from Bruxism

Night Guards Can Help You If You Suffer from Bruxism

May 08, 2020

Grinding and clenching the teeth which are a pretty common condition also known as bruxism affects many people and is particularly painful and destructive for the teeth. Fortunately, there are many night guards available on the market to help anyone the clenches or grinds their teeth when they are asleep.

The problem of bruxism is quite common and many people are not even aware they are grinding and clenching their teeth. Some of the common symptoms of bruxism include teeth grinding, jaw soreness, facial pain, dull headaches, and fatigue from lack of sleep.

People will not encounter any problems if they are occasionally grinding or clenching their teeth but if the problem is persistent they can suffer from the problem of broken teeth, loss of tooth enamel and in the worst-case scenario even loss of teeth. The precise reason for this condition has not been identified but it is believed that stress and anxiety may have a role to play along with the use of alcohol, Tobacco, caffeine, snoring, sleep apnea, and orthodontic problems. People suffering from bruxism are routinely recommended a mouth guard for sleeping as it can offer some protection to them for their teeth.

The Treatment for Bruxism

Cases of bruxism can usually be treated with a night guard worn when sleeping. These appliances are also known as a dental night guard or a night mouth guard but are effective in putting a barrier between the teeth. The night guard for teeth helps to lighten the tension and cushion the muscles in the jaw to prevent facial and jaw pain besides protecting the enamel of the teeth. They are similar to mouth guards provided by dentists to deal with snoring.

No prescription is required for the purchase of night guards because they are available freely in drugstores and online marketplaces as well as the dentist. There are different ways they can be fitted and the variety that will work best for you will depend on your unique needs.

Different Types of Night Guards

The most common variety of teeth guard used for bruxism of the mild or moderate variety is the soft night guard because it offers the most comfortable fit and is easy to get accustomed to. It is available at an affordable price. However, some people unintentionally chew on the soft material and they are not as durable as expected. They do not have an extended lifespan and therefore may need to be replaced quite often.

People with severe bruxism can consider dual laminate night guards because they are soft on the inside and hard on the exterior. These are capable of handling clenching and grinding of the severe variety and are more durable. The only have a problem of being a little thicker and may pose difficulties to the user to get accustomed to.

You can also choose hard night guards that are made from acrylic and are extremely rigid. These must only be used for severe cases of grinding and clenching as well as problems of the temporomandibular joints. However, they are the most durable and can prevent the teeth from shifting. They also have some downsides because they are uncomfortable, the thickest, and difficult to get accustomed to. Apart from being expensive, they must be ordered directly from a dentist because an accurate impression is needed to get the right fit.

How to Get Accustomed to Night Guards?

Getting accustomed to night guards will require some effort on your part because you must choose the thinnest available appliance and be determined to stick with it for at least 4 to 6 weeks while wearing every night. The time mentioned will be sufficient to get accustomed to the appliance because you will become familiar with having it in your mouth. You just need to remember to put the night guard in your mouth just before going to sleep unless you want to have an obnoxious appearance around your place.

Getting the Right Night Guard for Yourself

If you decide to get a night guard for yourself you cannot consider the stock variety and decide to order online for the night guards. You may find different varieties available in stores and online marketplaces but it is suggested that you have your mouth examined by Vaughan dental to have one custom-designed for your mouth. The dentist will take impressions of your mouth after examining your teeth to have one prepared for you in the dental laboratory that will fit perfectly. Nightguards from dentists may appear slightly expensive but they offer a proper fit and maybe the appropriate option to treat the problem of bruxism.

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