Dental Implants Can Help You To Regain Your Functional And Attractive Smile

Dental Implants Can Help You To Regain Your Functional And Attractive Smile

Nov 01, 2019

Your ability to eat the foods you love and smile confidently will be limited when you lose teeth for any reason. Dental implants can act as the foundation for replacements such as bridges or dentures. They are an essential step for regaining your functional and attractive smile. Dentists offering dental implants in Thornhill, ON offer these solutions as a primary procedure to assist you to get your smile back.

The Procedure for Implant Dentistry

The missing tooth structure receives support from dental implants that act as metal anchors or substitutes. The first procedure is to place the implants within the jawbone. Your dentist may be required to perform bone grafting before the dental implant surgery if your jawbone is too soft or thin. The dentist will place the metal post of the dental implant into your jawbone only after it has healed from the initial surgery. The dental implant will be placed in the jawbone by making an opening in the gum to expose the bone.

The dentist will drill a hole into the part of the bone where the metal post is placed. The post is implanted deep into the jawbone because it also has to serve as the tooth root and therefore needs strength for its functionality. The area requires about 3 to 6 months to heal after the metal post is inserted and the implant slowly bonds with the jawbone. Dental implants Thornhill will provide you with temporary partial advising you to have softer foods until the site heals completely.

When May You Need Dental Implants?

Many patient needs can be resolved with versatile dental implants and a long-term solution. You may consider discussing dental implants with your dentist if you fit into one of the following categories:

  • You have one or more missing teeth due to genetic factors, injuries, or periodontitis.
  • A bridge in your mouth needs to be replaced.
  • You are apprehensive of traditional dentures because they slip, prevent you from eating the food you enjoy and click when you least expect them to.
  • You are suffering from bite problems and pain because of the missing tooth.

Same-Day Dental Implants Can Also Be Obtained

Dental implants Thornhill understands your smile is important and so is your time. They have streamlined their processes to make sure you do not have to visit dentists’ offices frequently for your implant. They consider that time is money and therefore have ensured that their services fit into your schedule as well as your needs.

They take pride in the dental implants procedures they offer to their patients. They are intent on transforming your smile which is currently hampered by a missing tooth, loose teeth, and concerning dentures, to provide you a solution that is functional and natural-looking. You should be looking forward to contacting them for dental implants because they can restore your functional smile all over again.

Will the Procedure Be Difficult?

Your fear of the dentist chair is possibly making you apprehensive about having dental implants inserted. You could be fearing the surgery or even remembering a bad experience from the past. However, if your goal is to regain your smile you must be prepared to put the apprehensions behind you and contact your dentist because these procedures are no longer as painful as you may imagine them to be. Advances in dental technology have ensured you can undergo the insertion procedure painlessly and even choose the color of the missing teeth you want to replace.

Dentists are professionals from the medical fraternity and are fully aware of the fears people have about them. When they offer procedures like dental implant surgery they are equipped with all the tools needed to ensure you do not undergo a painful experience. The procedure will be completed with sedation dentistry after the dentist has examined you and also considered your medical history. You are unlikely to feel the procedure as it is ongoing and the only discomfort you experience will be during the healing process. Here again, you will be provided with recommendations to take over-the-counter painkillers that can relieve you from the pain. As time passes by you will begin waiting for the day when your replacement tooth will be placed in your mouth to give you the ability to use your attractive smile all over again.

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