Myth #1: My child’s first dental visit should be between the ages of 3-4 years.
Fact: Your child should visit the dentist for the first time when her/his first tooth erupts or no later than one year. One big concern is Early Childhood Cavities (baby bottle tooth decay or nursing cavities). Your dentist will evaluate your child’s oral health and hygiene, and will discuss oral hygiene, diet, etiology of cavities and how to take care of your precious little one to prevent cavities.

Myth #3: Kids get cavities not adults!

Myth #5: Now, my cavities are fixed, I am safe and I should not get any more cavities.
Fact: When your cavities are fixed and you’ve got new fillings, you are still at risk for cavities. That’s why it is important to have great oral hygiene, good oral care from your dentist, and watch your diet to prevent new cavities!


Myth #1: If nothing bothers you, you don’t need a dental check-up.
Fact: You should have a regular dental check-up just as you have a regular medical check-up. When you have dental check-ups, you prevent gum disease and cavities – or at least they are caught at an early stage, and treating them is less time consuming and less expensive. Then you can be sure that you have your own teeth for your whole life!

Myth #2: Getting dental cleaning (scaling) is not good for teeth and makes them sensitive!
Fact: Teeth could be sensitive for many reasons, such as gum recession, exposed roots, cracks in teeth, or cavities. The main goal of regular dental cleaning is to maintain healthy gums which are the foundation for keeping your teeth in a healthy condition. People who don’t go to a dentist regularly find, when they do finally go, that they already have gum disease, exposed roots and sensitive teeth, albeit temporarily. But good oral hygiene, regular brushing and flossing, and using special tooth pastes, like Sensodyne, are the only things you need to take care of sensitivity.

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